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    Test Photo .. Will..
    Hi All .. Will..
    is site still a .. Will..
    is site still a .. bittybo..
    Black Rat .. Will..
    Black Rat .. Will..
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  • "Falconry is not a hobby or an amusement, it is a rage. You eat it, drink it, sleep it, and think it, even in recollection."

    Showing Common Trees of PA List Page

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    Page Update: 02/05/09 2:33 pm | Page Accessed: 15573 Time(s)

    Common Trees of PA
    By Leaf type

    Wide and Flat:
    Alternate Arrangement:

    Cucumbertree Magnolia
    Black Gum
    Common Sassafras (P)
    Bigtooth Aspen
    Quaking Aspen (P)
    American Beech
    Paper Birch
    Sweet Birch
    Yellow Birch
    Black Cherry
    Choke Cherry
    Fire Cherry
    Serviceberries (P)
    American Elm
    Slippery Elm
    Common Hackberry
    American Linden
    Red Mulberry
    Black Oak
    Northern Red Oak
    Pin Oak
    Scarlet Oak
    Chestnut Oak
    White Oak
    American Chestnut
    Tulip Tree
    Black Willow
    Witch Hazel
    Black Locust
    Common Honeylocust
    Bitternut Hickory
    Mockernut Hickory
    Pignut Hickory
    Shagbark Hickory
    Shellbark Hickory
    Tree Of Heaven
    Black Walnut (P)

    Wide and Flat:
    Opposite Arrangement

    Flowering Dogwood (P)
    Catalpa (P)
    Norway Maple
    Red Maple
    Silver Maple
    Striped Maple
    Sugar Maple (P)
    Box Elder
    White Ash
    Black Ash
    Buckeyes (P)

    Needle-shaped or Linear

    Eastern Hemlock
    Eastern RedCedar
    Colorado Blue Spruce
    Norway Spruce
    Red Pine
    Scots Pine
    Table Mountain Pine
    Virginia Pine
    Pitch Pine
    Eastern White Pine
    American Larch


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