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    Test Photo .. Will..
    Hi All .. Will..
    is site still a .. Will..
    is site still a .. bittybo..
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    Black Rat .. Will..
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  • "Falconry is not a hobby or an amusement, it is a rage. You eat it, drink it, sleep it, and think it, even in recollection."

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    Posted: 2008-07-19 14:08:16
    Post Count: 13
    Signed Up: 07/19/08

    Well..i finally got a good look at this animal through binoculars.Id seen it before and so have others.We live in densely wooded area with houseing and roads nearby , lots of deer , rabbits etc etc but out by an old unused ruined barn this animal keeps appearing.
    It looks at first to be about the size of a baby deer , powerful lean body with those longish legs , but the head looks more doglike , a bit of a mixture dog/cat , the showstopper is the tail.It looks like a long cats tail , like a lion almost , tan browny color , the fur on the animals back looked matted but smooth everywhere else.
    Ive no idea what it is , too big to be a cat and its definately not a cat , its too catlike to be a dog but in that size range , it isnt a deer cos tail is way too long and slinky ..the tail makes me think cat but body isnt a cats and head is more dog like , any ideas?
    In the coming days i will set up a tripod and camera but i doubt ill ever get as good a look as i did today.
    It stepped out the foilage by the ruined wreck of a barn and sttod there in the sunshine looking around , shook its head just like a dog might and shrunk back into the trees.

    User Info:
    Posted: 2008-07-19 17:20:17
    Post Count: 298
    Signed Up: 2005-05-09

    (Click on Image To Enlarge)

    It almost sounds like you're describing a Grey Hound-like animal. Does the pic here anything like what you saw--even remotely.

    BTW-you might be dealing with an exotic or a strange pet-nothing native to PA matches your description. Other than possibly a very mangy fox--mange causes them to lose most of their fur.

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    [Modified By seto2112]
    The point of the journey is not to arrive~Neal Peart

    User Info:  User's Blog   GALLERY
    Posted: 2008-07-19 20:44:26
    Post Count: 13
    Signed Up: 07/19/08

    You know what..that picture isnt a million miles away from what i saw..except it isnt a greyhound.Id know a greyhound from a distance easily.Almost everything is right tho when broken down..strong body , sweeping long thin tail , longish legs..its similar but its not a dog , whatever it is its wild without doubt.
    Theres something catlike about it , the way it walks , far too big for a cat tho.
    Now for the good news , i went back out to cop some rays and took the digi cam , kicked back and almost right away this character popped into view and stopped to look my way and went on its way.
    I got pictures and a short avi which ill post tomorrow , meanwhile while im doing that another of these animals appeared near the vegtable patch and was seen , im told its definately a large wild cat of some type but the one i got pics of is more doglike..very strange.

    User Info:  User's Blog   GALLERY
    Posted: 2008-07-20 11:23:54
    Post Count: 13
    Signed Up: 07/19/08

    (Click on Image To Enlarge)

    Not so sunny out today , id a thought of laying some tasty bacon out where i seen the creature and be ready with the camera from a hiding place but the more i look at the picture i think two things.1 is its like you say a fox thats lost its fur even on its tail leaving a thinner looking more muscular fox or that it isnt a fox and is in fact a wildcat in which case i might need to rethink my idea of leaving tasty treats around for it.
    Its unlikely its a pet of any description , few and far between neighbors with plenty of woods and streams , anyway heres a picture i got of it yesterday , theres an excellent avi video as well but im unsure if i can upload that.Its a pity but the upload function just told me to crop the picture..some detail in size will be lost : )

    User Info:  User's Blog   GALLERY
    Posted: 2008-07-20 11:31:57
    Post Count: 13
    Signed Up: 07/19/08

    Just a few thoughts on the picture , its further away than it looks , several hundred feet , ive used the zoom function on the camera at max.
    The grass under that tree is well over a foot high and im betting more like 18" yet it hardly hides the animals legs at all.So the animal is actually bigger than the photo suggests but by no means massive.

    User Info:  User's Blog   GALLERY

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